Our ultimate our goal with SlimePOP is to empower creators and entrepreneurs - especially young women - in a positive, safe, fun and always friendly environment. These young people are developing small businesses to sell their specialty slime creations. They are marketing themselves in fun and unique ways, and SlimePOP will help them achieve greater success.


What will you do at SlimePOP?!? SlimePOP is a convention where slime enthusiasts will explore the world of slime, meet and see their favorite slime influencers, learn slime making tips, share ideas, play slime games, score merchandise and much more! And we haven't forgotten about the parents - they'll enjoy the SlimePOP lounge for a little bit of relaxation.


Why is slime important?!? Not only is slime super fun, it is a sensory activity utilizing all five senses. When all of our senses are stimulated -- mindfulness, magic and creativity flourish.

On Sunday, May 26, 2019,  SlimePOP is coming to the Palmer Events Center in Austin, Texas. What is SlimePOP, you ask?!? A slime convention...that’s right, we said slime. If you have a kiddo between 8-13, you may be familiar with this youth-led DIY movement, but if you don’t, just look up the #slime on Instagram, and you will see more than 11 million posts, which has more than doubled since October 2017. 

Austin's first ever slime convention. SlimePOP Events is committed to empowering

creators and young entrepreneurs in a fun, safe, positive and always friendly environment.




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